The Essentials

Everything you’ll need to install your artificial grass yourself like a pro!

We’ve got all the tools you’ll need to install your artificial grass yourself in a helpful list! So whether you’re about to get started on your new lawn or doing some basic background research to find out what tools you’ll need, we’ve got everything here for you. Installation is easy and you’ll probably find most of these tools at the back of your garden shed. So don’t be put off by the specialist tools you’ll have to hire, they’re easy to use and will give you a lawn you’ll be proud of!

Make sure you’ve visited our installation page before getting started and watch our video so you’re fully prepped!

The Basic Garden Tools 

These tools you’ll probably find in the garden shed, so go have a dig around to make sure you’ve got everything. You’ll need:

A Wheelbarrow

Out with the old and in with the new is backbreaking work if you don’t have a wheelbarrow handy so make sure you’ve got one ready or you’ll spend more time carrying rolls of turf than laying your new lawn!

Razor Knife

This one you might not find in the garden shed but is an essential piece of kit if your lawn isn’t completely square! Make sure you dig around in the tool box for those extra blades as the latex backing quickly blunts the knife.

Flat Spade

Back to the garden shed for that flat spade the last owners kindly left behind, you’ll need it for making sure that base is spread out nicely.


Time to rake it off cause its all about that base being evenly distributed. If you don’t have a rake now is the time to invest, a good plastic rake is the perfect tool for getting rid of the leaves on your artificial lawn.


Make sure you’ve got a hardened bristled broom at the ready to sweep the sand infil to the bottom of the grass pile before hosing down or you’ll be making sandcastles in the drain! Your broom will also come in handy for cleaning and marks or debris off your artificial lawn. It can also be useful for brushing out any creases you might later find and ensures you’ve got every little detail ironed out for that professional finish.


Time to untangle that hose cause you’re gonna need it! Give the base a good hose down to reduce the amount of dust to a minimum when using the compactor – a well soaked base is hard work if you’ve only got a watering can and you won’t get that professional finish. A hose will also come in handy once you’ve brushed that sand in and clears the dust making your lawn look shiny and new!

Specialist Tools 

You’re probably not going to find these tools in your garden shed these will require a trip to the tool hire shop so get down there and grab yourself Turf cutter and a Compactor!

Turf cutter

Sometimes known as a sod cutter, a turf cutter makes easy work of turning your existing natural lawn into manageable strips that you can roll up and pop into that handy wheelbarrow you dug out earlier! It is possible to do this manually but it’s a lot of hard work and you’re unlikely to get the nice even finish that a turf cutter will give you.


Once you’ve loaded up your turf cutter find yourself a plate or vibrating place compactor.Speak to your local hire company to make sure you get the right tool for the job. You’ll need this to make sure your base is nice and compact keeping your artificial lawn stable, keeping that perfect lawn look for longer.

Joining Tape and Joining Glue

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered on these ones, simply click on our shop to order your joining tape and joining glue today! Depending on the size of your garden you might have to glue two rolls together its easily done simple follow our step by step instruction booklet here. To do this you’ll need joining tape and joining glue, to figure out how much glue you’ll need simply see our post on Top Tips for Glueing.