Helpful Hints and Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Artificial Grass

How to Install

For advice on installing your artificial grass please see our installation guide with easy to follow step by step instructions, including a video and list of essential materials that you’ll need here!

White Fibres

If you happen to find the odd white fibres in your artificial grass don’t worry this isn’t a fault. The white fibres are used as protection for the grass blades during manufacture and will simply vanish after a few months in the sun! If you notice that these white fibres haven’t gone away after several months do get in contact with us on 01227 463 606.

Pile Direction

You’ll notice as you unroll your artificial grass that much like natural grass the blades have a natural pile direction. A general rule of thumb with pile direction is to make sure that it is facing towards the house during installation. When joining rolls of artificial grass take care to make sure that both pieces have the pile direction facing the same way in order to get the most natural and professional looking finish.

artificial grass side view



Compared to natural grass and artificial lawn is very low maintenance but does need some TLC every now and then. Make sure you read through our list of care instructions to ensure your artificial lawn keeps that professional finish for the rest of its life!


Always Remember to Brush

Give you artificial lawn a good brushing up from time to time, we recommend at least once a month. It’ll keep your lawn looking smart and get rid of any dents in the pile.

Rotation is Key

Don’t leave heavy equipment like football goals, slides, climbing frames or outdoor furniture in one place for too long. If you rotate where you place equipment on your artificial grass you will help prevent any dents or flat areas when the grass has been misshapen. If you’re playing sports on your artificial grass we recommend that you use a heavy sand infill and moving any equipment every now and then to prevent one area becoming worn down.

Keep it Clean

Leaves and pieces of debris on your artificial lawn won’t damage it but if left for extended periods of time it may cause weeds to grow or stains that are tricky to remove. Going over your artificial lawn every now and then with a rake, stiff broom, leaf blower or hoover will help prevent the build up of dust and debris on your lawn.

We suggest using a mild detergent only to remove any stubborn stains. Avoid any acidic or oxidising liquids and never use bleach on your artificial lawn as this will cause it to discolour!

(Please note that if you have used sand as a infill in your artificial lawn do not use a hoover to clean up debris as it will remove the sand you spent ages loving brushing in!)

Protect against general wear and tear

Just like the carpet in your home, areas with heavy traffic like those just outside the back door are more likely to get worn down and flattened. If you have any extra grass left or a handy paving slab lying around we suggest placing this in heavy traffic areas so these areas don’t appear any different from the rest of your lawn.

Doggy Bags at the Ready!

All our artificial grasses are completely pet (and child) friendly so don’t worry about letting your pets run around on your new lawn. Just make sure you clean up after them like you normally would and it won’t discolour. Giving your lawn a hose down once a month will help to prevent stains and remove any unwanted odours. Using a mild detergent will help remove those stubborn stains and take any those unpleasant odours. Remember, if you’ve got pets we recommend that you don’t use a sand infill for your artificial lawn as it makes odours difficult to get rid of.

If you notice any particular unpleasant odours that wont go away even with a mild detergent and a good hose down do contact use on 01227 463 606 or email us on, for friendly help and advice.

Weed Control

If you are unfortunate to come across a particularly persistent weed that has managed to grow through your artificial lawn there are several ways you can deal with this. The simplest method is to just pull the weed at the base of the stem and gently pull it up through the artificial grass. Don’t worry weeds will not damage your grass in any way as the permeable backing that allows for drainage also allows for weeks to grow through. Alternatively you can use any weed or moss killer at  a DIY retailer. If you do use a weed killer we suggest doing a patch test first on a spare piece of grass or hidden corner to ensure it does not damage your artificial grass in any way.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Watch out for mirrors and shiny objects that may reflect on your artificial grass. and piece of glass that is in the sun for the majority of the day can magnify the suns rays onto your grass causing it to burn. If you are installing your artificial grass indoors carefully consider where you place your artificial grass as reflections from mirrors and sky lights may damage your grass.

And that’s it!

If you have any questions about maintaining your artificial grass please contact us on 01224 463 606 or email to chat with one of our friendly team who can advice you further.

Enjoy your Artificial Lawn!